Thursday, 11 August 2011

Old Style Camping

We have just taken a few days, 2 miles from home, old skool camping!

I gave Jacob the choice "old tent or new tent".

This 67 year old tent has such memories for me and my older siblings. Dad came home in '45/'46 with this canvas time machine!
I remember Seaside holidays, Birthday parties, Norwegian adventures, drinking from yellow plastic cups and saucers (still using them), the smell of that thick canvas and the sound of its gentle flap in the wind, all bring back memories.
It became a bit more than gentle flap last night tho' famous last words to Jacob and Bryony..."No this tent won't blow down", until 3am when the 67 year old twine guy ropes said "Enough"!

Oh well, only 2 miles to home.

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