Monday, 22 August 2011

70's Teenager's Mind.

What went on in a 1970's teenage mind?

Today I was looking for some technical info that I new I had hidden somewhere, when I came across my old college file.

I realised that as the years go by this has become a little historical artifact of a young car, bike (and other stuff), mad apprentice!

My sketches became popular within the class for obvious reasons, often found in the photocopy machine.I think a teacher even squirreled one away.

And now, whilst running through with my wife to see if they are too offensive ...she has suddenly declared "Hey I am sure I know that person" oops! My memory is firmly empty!

I hope that the following is not too offensive.........I was a teenager, bored in class.


  1. Pretty much the same as my sketch books in 79, speedway bikes, rally cars and naked girls - pretty much all I was interested in at the time, which in hindsight was a healthy obsession eh?

  2. Kindred Spirits.......... Big smile cheers BCB