Monday, 30 May 2011

Weekly Motorcycle Tabloid

This weekend has been an enforced sit on the sofa weekend . Quite enjoyed it really, but don't tell anyone.

With the TT around the corner and inspiration from watching lots of bikesport on TV today, I sent a text to my daughter asking if she would mind buying a weekly motorcycle paper from the shop on her way home.

Just 20 mins ago it arrived on my lap, life of luxury!

Now I'm sitting here thinking of all that I could've done with the £1.99 price.
 The first glance through made me think I must have missed the first section, cup of tea and then find those missing bits and read a bit more........But there isn't a bit more?..

Now, I class motorcycles as a huge part of my life, I make them for fun, I restore them for fun (and a little for my living). I have fantastic memories of racing and look forward to more racing in the future, I have often helped with events and even run my own little gatherings. I study their engineering and the engineers that create these machines. I follow motorcycle sport and I tour. Every week I ride to commute many miles in all seasons.
I draw, paint and sculpt motorcycles.Motorcycles will always give me endless new friends as well as old.  All in all I am very proud to be part of  the world of motorcycles..........

Why then am I left empty, not for the first time, after reading this weekly two-wheeled tabloid?
Why can the little, low production, tiny budget magazines; Dice, Dirty Magazine etc. have me clutching them close by, just to grab a second or third read from their now dog eared pages followed by many inspirational hours of contemplation?

Why do I not get it?

Too old perhaps?


  1. Now you can see why I stopped buying it years ago, when they stopped reporting on national off-road sport in fact. Even the paper it's printed on is poor, it is just not strong enough to line the rabbits hutch for a week!

  2. Hah I really sat here chukling at that. Glad you came back with that comment, after posting I sat back and thought I must be gettin a grumpy old git! BW