Friday, 21 January 2011


Up until four years ago I lived in an environment that allowed me to participate and sample some of this chaps ideals. The only problem for me was the surrounding area becoming a little less tranquil Wiltshire and a little more high flying hard nosed, city business retreat.
I now live in a suburban location that is less inspiring toward building these earthy, homely dwellings yet the people of the community already have this nice easy going, "live and let live" attitude.
It's a good swap!
Have a look at this video, Shelter, especially the bit about 4 mins in........... unless you are a "hard nosed" businessman!:


  1. I love the idea behind it, but like you , the reality becomes a little less "personal". About 16 years ago, I was living and working in Birmingham and went to the Lake District for a weekend away. I loved it so much that I decided to stay. At first I lived in a tiny cottage out in a small village expecting peace and quiet, but my neighbours were all wealthy business people who worked at a nuclear power station. None of them wanted to talk or walk, drove everywhere in huuge cars and 4x4s and had a disdain for this "wierdo hippy" as they called me. I now live in an ex-council estate right on the edge of the lakes and one of the relatively big towns and you know what, the neighbours are the most wonderfully down to earth, helpful, caring, laid back and non-judgemental people I have ever met... In fact I married one of them!It's so refreshing to live in a community of people who still retain their own individuality rather than the stereotyped city dwellers I was used to.

  2. BCB, That is brilliantly said, sometimes I try to explain but just see the look on someone's face! The people around here are a total mix but live in real harmony. Your key words NON JUDGEMENTAL are just exactly right.
    Thank you for this comment, BTW my wife is also pleased to see your comment, v reassuring.
    All the best.