Monday, 3 January 2011

Motorcycles = Ageless Tonic

Having watched Brittown over and over, this photo immediately made me think of a statement by "Lucky" in the movie:

"Old is what you become when you don't do motorcycles"

Grey beards or not, these guys are not ageing!

Thank you to Cafe Racer Culture Blog for photo.


  1. There really is some truth in that statement. The legendary Barry Briggs has recently completed a mammoth ride on a yamaha trail bike, visiting every speedway track in the UK (plus a few in Denmark and Poland) and collected 0ver £68000 for wheelchair bound riders - he was 76 last week.

    Olle Nygren is nearly 80 and he rode the full length of Sweden this year all alone... Two years ago he completed the 11,000km Trans Asia Rally, with Ove Fundin (72) and Posa Serenius (58). The 3 of them rode all the way from Seoul in South Korea took a boat to Russia and then carried on riding thro' Siberia, Mongolia and Kazakhstan before arriving back in Sweden just in time for Olle's 77th birthday party! Class eh! Happy New Year Eric and keep them wheels turning.

  2. Thanks BCB. Do you know if there is a book or similar on Ove Fundin's ,Posa and Olle Ngrens' trip?
    Very Class.
    Very Best Wishes to you.

  3. I don't know of any books about Olle at all, but he's had an amazing career riding speedway, road racing, scrambles, TT, trials and even driving an F1 car in 1968. I'll be writing a blog post about him in the near future with a few links, so watch this space! He's still riding regularly today and what is more amazing - he had major heart surgery in 2008!

  4. Thanks BCB, I will look forward to your cool this blog stuff, like having a perpetual favourite magazine:)
    BW Eric..