Wednesday, 29 January 2020

' 56 Chevrolet 3600 235

We have this lovely Chevrolet in the workshop for a few jobs including looking at oil leaks around the rear of the engine as well an issue with the passenger side window winder.

Below, the rear main bearing cap has been dropped to consider rear main seal condition, at the same time we can renew the gaskets. The rear main bearing journal and shell are visually in very good condition.
Interestingly the flywheel is very clean suggesting the rear main seal is in good condition, it may be prudent to leave the top seal untouched and pack a new section into the cap portion. It appears that most of the oil has been leaking from the rear of the sump gasket.

We have lightly oil stoned the cap faces to check for bruising before preparing for assembly.

We are hoping to see if we can recover or repair the window wind mechanism on the passenger side. Despite making a suitable "clutch head bolt" tool (Chevrolet fittings from this period)  from an HT bolt (above), there is "always one" fitting that fights. This one bolt had already given someone a hard time before as it has quite a lot of damage.

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