Monday, 13 May 2019

Archives 1

Although this is a little of a mixed up subject matter, I was going through some of my old boxes of photos and thought it might be of interest to post some of these, I will continue with further Archive posts as a series.

Here are the first few:

From about 20 years ago, a 30's Lagonda V12 rebuild, quite complex.

And about 18 years ago, with Charlotte's help, the resurrection of a 1927 Salmson 7 AC from T-chests and sacks! 

And below, nice memories motorcycle racing on my KTM motocross bike, a Weslake grasstrack bike and the same 500cc Alcohol Weslake engine, having made a sprinter frame to suit NSA events. All taken in the 80's. 

Above picture is during a "Children in Need" special night time floodlight event.

Foxhill GP track

Santa Pod

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