Friday, 25 May 2018

Delage DISS.......Stunning!

I have been back working through the finishing list of  the Delage (featured in older posts in this blog). Every time I (and everyone else it seems) walk through the door, this car gives me great pleasure to see, it is so stunning, in a very understated way.
As you can see the colour combination and the amazing woodwork along with those big narrow wheels, make this stylish and dignified car.
Her first roadtest was to the MOT station where she passed with a clean bill of health,
after all of those years in boxes, that was quite a moment.
She is back into the workshop now to have some last details and further brake adjustment as the brakes bed in. We are also doing a precautionary check of the engine bearings because, as mentioned in older posts, the engine was white metalled and machined and built before storage in the early seventies, it does seem to have had a brief run after the build but we feel that was very little. The tolerance of the bearings was quite tight and so we have been checking them at intervals to ensure that they are not overheating or showing any sign of distress as they bed in.

The carpenter / cabinet maker has been applying some further coats of oil to the absolutely beautiful woodwork, you can't see in the photos, but the rear seat also has a decking hatch when not in use.

The coachwork has been built by Hugh Murray using the original photos and some original items, Mark has painted her just as the factory, to a wonderful deep, rich, brush coated finish, even though brushmarks are barely perceptible, this gives to the period effect so subtly.

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