Saturday, 27 January 2018

Some More Winter Projects

Making a surround for this instrument in the Wolseley Hornet Spl, the outer edge wasn't quite as neat as the other instruments and so we made this to blend a little.

Jacob finishing a late night project, he is hoping to sell this to fund the next picture down:

Jacob's new addition, this will be fun, he already has a tastefully modded Volvo 340. This is an ex stripped out drift car that needs work, but he has a vision and will not be too long before it is revived and roadworthy!

Alvis Grey Lady before delivery.

Wolseley Spl engine mounting manufacture

Turner 950s Rear suspension items being prepared and re manufactured (with extra strengthening for racing).

We do moderns too:

Charlotte and I said yes to replacing the roof fabric on this MX5..began to wonder if we had done the right thing but it turned out well in the end, the next would be easier..

Land Rover gearbox and transfer box inspection.

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