Saturday, 18 February 2017

Turner 950s Chassis

Fresh from a blast cleaning process, revealing a little more rust in the right hand tube than at first expected.
A clean and zinc prime where possible to allow some investigation and preparation work prior to mounting in to a chassis Jig for the replacement of the corroded tube.

Charlotte has spent quite a few hours preparing wheels. The very period Mushroom / Champagne colour has been mixed as closely as possible to the evidence of the first coat of paint beneath many layers of additional touch ups. We had to do quite a lot of recovery to one wheel which seemed to have had the centre literally "hacked" away and had historically received a big impact to the centre portion, most likely whilst in storage. Charlotte tig welded some new section in place after we had carefully straightened the centre portion whilst mounted on an old hub assembly.

Wheels before lots of grit blasting, scraping and fettling.

Strengthen some historic creasing from an accident by welding a doubler plate and forming into position. Making Nylon suspension bushes to allow us to set up and build the chassis to dimension during repairs and jigging, the smaller front bushes and bronze spacers will be used in final assembly.

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