Monday, 21 December 2015

Delage DISS Finishing Work

Having run the Delage engine for the first time in many "tens" of years, here are some photos of routine inspection work and final little details.

Additionally, a picture to remind us of how she will look before too long!

Again, just as a reminder, much of this car was rebuilt in the early '70s by the current owners father, we are simply completing that process, adding paint and engineering touches only where absolutely necessary.
The Delage is a lovely car with beautiful engineering throughout. Like the 3 litre W.O Bentley, It is certainly a car you feel you could travel on great adventures and if necessary, always be able to fix it and return home.

I have only been responsible for the engineering / mechanical work but the work by Hugh, the coachbuilder, is beautiful and I am proud to display it in the following three photos

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