Thursday, 8 August 2013

BSA C15 Oil Feeds

The Faber frame is intended for the end feed oil system on the later engines. To suit this engine a tapping has been taken from the return feed pipe. Banjo unions have been sleeved to make them compatible with this braided hose. The main feed pipes have collar or ferules in bronze to tidy the braid ends, they will be fitted when everything is proven and flushed/ bled through.


  1. There may be a flaw in this system causing over oiling, we are looking at a modification here, please do not copy this design until we know for sure. I will update very soon with a revised design. Thank you.

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  3. I had fitted these too far along the line from the top frame entry, causing some excess draining into the head at certain oil levels. A single feed has now been taken from a point close to the frame entry point toward the front of the top tube.This seems to have rectified the symptom which had been similar to "wet sumping".