Saturday, 9 March 2013

"Slow Old Girl Mate"?

Often as people look in to the workshop I get the feeling that the old cars are regarded as "pipe and slipper slow old things".

I often work with Steve at Stanton Motorsports in Berkshire, here Frazer Nash cars are always under some form of race or road preparation, some of these are some real "wolves in sheep's clothing"....... take a look.

The first video is of a special, this has horsepower approaching many modern sports cars (cant divulge too much). It is very very quick..... all on chain drive and no differential.

The next is "Millie" with real racing history right up to this day.

Pop yer Pipe and Slippers on for a relaxing drive in the next video....relax.! Especially 7min or so in!

Have a look at Stanton Motorsports Website... Steve and his team certainly have a great deal of successful experience.

One other point... I had an old DFV F1 engine builder give me some good advice... "Never let a non engine builder Dyno test your engine".

Finally, still at Stanton Motorsports, although not vintage FN, I just had to share this with you.

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