Sunday, 13 March 2011

"Racing Dept." Logo

As I am hoping to have the sprinter run again this year and with the addition of the Cafe Racer, I thought it would be ok to have another logo to suit this stuff. I have adapted a design that I painted on a leather jacket last year.
Number 37 is significant to me so I thought I would produce something with the lineage of my existing Historic Engine Co logo.
This is the proof version that has just arrived from the sticker company: :)

My thoughts continue to go to the people of Japan....


  1. I was checking out into your blog and I liked. Especially the film, Tunnel of love. Great blog, congratulations.

  2. Any thoughts of producing that design as stickers? I'd have one (or two).

  3. BCB,Hoping to have some final stickers soon, I would be proud to send them to you when they are done (no cost). Please e.mail your address.

  4. Wow thanks Eric - I've sent you my details via e-mail. That's a cool gesture