Tuesday, 12 October 2010


This afternoon I took some time off to help my daughter prepare her CB 650/4 Honda chop for the MOT after many years of storage.

We took a drive to Poole and Bournemouth to get a few items and drove by Battistini Motorcycle shop.
I had always pictured Battistini as full of items that would be totally out of my price range.
I couldn't resist just stopping and having a look from the door..............didn't want to seem a time waster or tyre kicker!

Well how wrong was I!

We found the most interesting, welcoming and inspiring place.

The guy inside the door overheard my daughter and my comments about "cool place to work". He replied with a sincere smile, " Yes it is, that's why I'm here".

The clothing and accessories chap, greeted us like we were old friends, far from any sales pitch he just welcomed us.

Oh and the cool Rocker style diner where we could not resist a coffee, doughnuts and big junk of atmosphere.

The guy in the workshop was introduced to us, he has a collection of pre war cars as well as bikes and again I felt like I had known him for years.

Finally Mr Battistini himself came up and had a chat, genuinely happy that we called in off the street.

  The very guys that I had put on a plinth for many many years were absolutely welcoming.

We left having ordered a battery, cheaper than any of the other three shops we had visited, open face helmet at a reduced and very affordable price for my daughter and the promise that she would be back for that tasseled leather jacket. We also bought tickets for a Rockabilly Night on 6th Nov..

I can't recommend enough that this is a place to visit and have a coffee and soak up the atmosphere, sat outside by the Hot Rod and Stepside truck or inside in the diner.

Thanks to all at Battistini.


  1. It's the little moments that make it all worth while sometimes.

  2. How right you are.Wont forget the moments. As usual bikes have done it again!
    Hope all is well with you.